Words Can’t Describe How Good it Feels to Say I Won a PBA regional title

Wow when its your day its your day..words can’t describe how good it feels to say I won a PBA regional title. It might not be official and Ill never get a banner but this means more then words can describe. I finally got out of my own way and got the job done
I’m extremely humbled by all the texts,messages, and posts. Big shout out to to buddy Brad Miller for calming down in match play. Thanks to Apparel EFX (Randy Coté) and Real Bowlers Tape(John D’Elia and Ben Scroggins) and Vise(David Brown) for believing in me. I used a Haywire and Menace the entire day and I can thank Doene Moos for always taking care of me. ‪#‎teamefx‬ ‪#‎teamrbt‬ ‪#‎12bagger‬ ‪#‎bowlersmart‬




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