What I learned about myself


So this morning I was lucky enough to wake up and be able to bowl the TopDawg Tournament run by levis nelson(Who does an amazing job). The morning started as any other I woke up early, drove an hour or so to bowl where I grew up as I like to do every month when money and time allows. I was lucky to bowl with a few folks I know which is normal b/c I know everyone. We were competing on the 2015 USBC Open championship doubles pattern I believe, which if you have bowled on this you know what it’s like to leave saying “I shot 550 I feel pretty good”. Well being a 3 game a week kind of a guy I had no doubt today would be the same as always.
Step #1 Tons of splits
Step #2 Too many missed spares
Step #3 Missing the cash cut my 1 or more

Well, today turned out about the same as I would expect. The lanes were VERY touchy as I expected and I was lucky enough to follow Step #1 to a T and shoot I dunno 150 something awful. As anyone that knows me will tell you I might tend to say things that would make a sailor blush. I wasn’t angry per say I was just flustered that I wasn’t better than I am.

Game 2 rolled around and I’m still saying sailor things trying to figure out where it all went wrong. I did throw like 5 or 6 strikes and 5 or 6 splits the prior game. But being flustered believe it or not gets me focused. Somehow I throw some 248 game 2. I know you don’t believe me. Well, that happened. And I followed Step #2 Miss an easy spare. Stupid ten Pin.

Game 3 rolls around I pull out a 238. Solid game nothing much happening.

Game 4. Going off the rails. I really tried hard this game and for the love of god I couldn’t throw the ball good twice in a row. Shoot 168 or so. Just a game full of wondering wtf just happened to my ball reaction

Game 5. This game I tried as hard as I could and shot 207. Think that sucks? Ask the others the lanes were super tricky. Move in 2 boards bucket. A board or 2 right and you go threw the face. So yeah loads of fun.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the companies that trust and respect me enough to have me on staff. #teambrunswick has been great to me for 3 years now

#teambrunswick has been great to me for 3 years now and I’ve loved ever minute of it.

#Vise I have loved their grips and slugs since I was a kid

#DangerZone-Its my favorite ball right now and I used it almost the entire day!

So finished in 7th I think. I know you aren’t impressed by a post about bowling from a guy who didn’t win. I get that. I didn’t win but I learned some cool things about myself and faced some stuff about myself that others might not want to face themselves. Maybe if I work harder on my craft ill get better results next time.

Here is s cool quote I found was “winning isn’t everything,But wanting it is”  The Great Arnold palmer.

So getting to the point of this whole story is what I learned about myself.

1st-I didn’t give up
2nd-If I cared more about my game I could be really freaking good
3rd-Me and the 6th letter of the alphabet are good friends
4th I learned how much I love bowling. No matter how good or bad things were going I felt challenged the entire morning and wanted more of it. I love a good challenge.
5th-I learned how much practice is and will be needed to be good. To be good in a standard league doesn’t require much more than raw ability. When the lanes are tough having the ability to make good shots and influence your ball to bend to your will that when you are able to get a better sense on the true talent and ability of a fellow bowler.