Wednesday League Night At Park Lanes

League has started back up on Wednesdays once again for Fall. I am very excited for the new season at Park Lanes. This league was very fun last year.

Our team consists of Mike Roth (Harlem Bowling Coach), Larry Spencer (Member of the RBA, Rockford Bowling Association), Doug Byerley (Who works at Chrysler/Superb local bowler), Richard Shockley (Past Team USA and Qatar Coach) and Andrew Jensen ( Regional Brunswick Staff/Manager of Bowlersmart Cherry Bowl/Bronze Level Coach).  The first night was nothing short of FUN! We all bowl very well in this league but have a lot of fun bowling with not only each other, but with everyone that bowls in the league. The league is full of very well rounded bowlers and very good at this wonderful sport we all know and love. It’s a pleasure to get to know each of you during the season.

Last year was a little drier than this year. It will be nice to use some of the more aggressive stuff this year from Brunswick. Last year it wasn’t long and you were throwing a weaker ball because the heads and the middle of the lane would start hooking really early on the night.  This year I can see myself throwing my Brunswick Mastermind Einstein for at least the first couple games as well as the New Brunswick Nirvana (that is due out on September 22nd) and then balling way down the third game (because they burn up the last game) to a Brunswick Soul Mate. I am no farther than 14 or 15 board at the arrows by the end of the night. I have found when you play straighter here you will strike more (Thanks Kimberly McGriff and Doug Byerley for that I opener when I moved here).

All in all it was a great start to league with a 684 for the night and great to see Coach Shockley get out on the lanes for League! Look for Coach Shockley and I at the last weekend of King on September 29th at 6 p.m.

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