Up And Coming Star In The Making!

A few months ago just before Jr Gold I had the honor of meeting Alex Burchard. Alex lives in Cortland and has been making the trip up here since his visit. We drilled him up an Optimus Solid with a new fit and he said he would be back if everything worked out. A couple weeks went by and Alex and his friend Tyler Rowe stopped back in to get his bowling balls to fit like his Optimus Solid. Of course he had a lot of equipment to choose from, so we narrowed down his choices so we wouldn’t have to many of the same shapes in his bag. Once we got that accomplished then it was on to helping him become better on the lanes with his game. Of course I would love to help him get better. What a great kid with a lot of talent and just a little bit of fine tuning needed to get him going in the right direction.

Alex and I would soon realize that a couple of the fine tuning areas would need some undivided attention to straighten them up sooner than later. Ugh, practice! That was going to be essential to overcome a few aspects of his game. We also added some work outs that would help strengthen his areas of improvement faster. You know those leg squats we all love to do, one step drills at home and at the center and a few more leg strengthening work outs.

It is always hard to realize, the strength you have, is not always the strength you need.


Well I am most certainly proud to say that Alex and all his hard work has been paying off. Just recently we drilled up an Arson Low Flare for him and he managed to shoot a real nice 753 set at the Four Seasons in Sycamore IL.

Congrats! Nice shooting sir!!!

You will see Alex from time to time at the Cherry Bowl on Saturdays trying to help out and learn more about the sport of bowling. It will be a joy to share some of the things we know about this wonderful sport we all love!

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