Turbo 2-N-1

For many years now Turbo 2-N-1 Switch Grips have been a part of a wide array of bowlers. Everyone from Jason Belmonte and Daneille McEwan, to a couple of our local big hitters, Doug Byerley and Alex Burchard. There are a variety of reasons why they use their specific products from Turbo. Some people will have the Turbo Switch Grip Thumb for “the same fit”  from ball to ball. Some will have more than one thumb drilled for themselves because their thumb either swells or shrinks. You may also see these Switch Grip Thumbs and fingers when you go to a Brunswick Try It Before You Buy It. These great products make it really easy for you to try out the new equipment in the various bowling balls Brunswick has in their current lines.


You can also search www.turbogrips.com to find all the latest news and products from Turbo. They have new products and announcements on a daily basis. Find all the Pros, National and Regional players currently on staff here at http://www.turbogrips.com/driven-to/team-members/us-regional-tour-staff/.


I would like to Thank Turbo for all the great products they have. Including the new shirt I have on in the photo. Also for the wonderful grips, switch grip inner and outer thumbs  and tape. They will come in handy for the months to come. It makes a world of difference when you can trust the products you use over and over. These products are amazing and we would love to talk with you more at the shop here to see how they fit for you and your game.


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