This Year At The Peterson Classic

The Peterson Classic was a lot of fun, as usual this year. There is always ups and downs during this tournament and usually the downs prevail more than the ups. Although most of the reasons to go are to visit a very unique tournament and try to have fun along the way. You can also make a few bucks in your efforts on the lanes.

I have been going now for 10+ years and recommend this fun tournament to everyone to go at least once in their tournament travels. It’s rather funny that this tournament can make you either really happy or very unhappy in a matter of moments. I have to laugh when I look back at the past years all the way up to the present with so many great memories to take with me moving forward.

A couple years back when we went on the last Friday of July, like we always do. Tim “Bubba” Baxter, was bowling on lanes 1 and 2 when all we heard was someone kicking the wall, yelling a few choice words and what sounded like bowling balls and someone getting hit by those things falling behind the wall. Of course no one was injured but it made for some creative stories and a few thoughts for t-shirts. Certainly just one of the most entertaining times we went. Along with when Boogie Nights used to be open during the times at the Hoffman location . We had a lot of fun there after bowling our 8 games at the “Pete”.

The next memory would come from this year when Rich Abboud would leave the 5-7-10 and of course I had to video this one and post to Facebook. As all of our friends would know the infamous chanting of, “SHIRT”! Over and over again. It meant if you left the 5-7-10 you had to take your shirt of to throw the spare. Growing up Steve Sempeck, Rich Abboud, Tom Kelley Jr and many others would be the ones to start this up every time someone left the Lily. Anyone who knows this tournament knows you can have fun but to add the Lily and the tough racks just adds to the laughter we all had or have had. This year will always be memorable not only for these fun times but also a great finish in the standings at the Peterson Classic this year.

I finished in 26th place over all with my 15 # Brunswick Candy Apple Red T Zone. I am very happy and impressed with my efforts this year. I can only hope to continue having as much fun as I did this year for next year and who knows maybe the pins will fall in my favor for the win. All in all I would say if you haven’t bowled this tournament, you have to. It is amazing how much fun you will have!

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