The Phenom And The REAL MVP!

I love the predictable motion I have had with the Gamebreaker 2 line. The solid original was smooth and very continuous and I have found when the lanes change and start to dry out more. The MVP steps up and crushes it. It will get through the fronts cleaner and still have that great drive and continuation through the pocket. The MVP fits very well between the GB2 Solid and GB2 Gold. I have seen many honor scores with this ball from a variety of bowlers.


If you’re in the need for a stronger motion than the MVP and you’re in need of more than the original Gamebreaker 2 than the Phenom will be the ball for you.

Either way you will get a predictable motion for a great price.

On August 12th you will have your chance to test out a few 15# options from EBI. Stop out and see Shawn Morris and Andrew Jensen to help you figure out which ball best fits your needs on the lanes at Forest Hills from 4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.



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