The New Radical Guru Supreme/Ridiculous! WOW!!!!

Radical has a couple new releases being revealed today. One of which is the new Ridiculous with an all new symmetrical core design matched with a cover that allows for a wide range of bowlers styles. For those league fanatics who need a ball to hit hard and continuous with a smooth transition through the front of the lane. Or for those tournament bowlers that need a ball that will roll smooth in the fronts and still have that great continuation down lane. Than look no farther, this is the ball for you.

If this is your first glance at the Guru’s then you’re in for a treat with this one. I never thought it was possible to hook more than the Original Guru but somehow with the Mighty, Master and now the Supreme?!?! It’s possible. Wow does this ball hook. The Supreme will round out your bag with more hook and continuation then the previous Guru’s.

This new Ridiculous and Supreme addition to the Guru series should give you all the hook potential needed to put up some Ridiculous scores this season.

Mo Pinel and Phil Cardinale have out done themselves with these.

Wow, That’s Radical!

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