The New Brunswick Nirvana

This last week in league has been nothing short of amazing with the new Brunswick Nirvana. I have thrown some “Heavy” oil balls in the past and this one by far is really special.

I bowled at two centers last week. Park lanes on Wednesday and Cherry Bowl on Thursday night.

Wednesday is a fun league with a bunch of really great people and this week was entertaining. The lanes weren’t as oily as usual and the lanes really started hooking a lot more by the end of the first game. Very unusual compared to last couple weeks. I am happy to say I shot really well. Thankfully I had this new Brunswick Nirvana to use during league. I have to say I am surprised with how great it rolls even when the lanes start drying out. This week at Park Lanes I shot 710 with games of 216, 257 and a 237. I was able to play between 8-14 boards at the arrows and about 5-10 boards down lane at the break point.

Now Cherry Bowl was a lot different. Their back ends were hooking last Thursday during league. I was trying the old reliable shot between 10-14 at the arrows and it just wasn’t working no matter what I did. Down lane I would try between 8-12 at the break point and just couldn’t find the angle to the pocket. Do to the difficulty in shots, I went and grabbed my Brunswick Einstein and tried the last 4 frames in the same area on the lanes and it just wasn’t going to work. I had to make a big move and or a better choice on the lanes. I decided to move left and throw the Nirvana through fourth arrow and try to hit between 9-12 down lane. To my surprise the Brunswick Nirvana would give me a great look inside. I would shoot 190 the first game (where I had all the problems) and go 280 and 245 with the big move in,¬†with the Nirvana. WOW is this ball amazing!

I knew the ball was going to hook. But to my surprise this ball is VERY versatile. This ball comes out on September 22nd and I would highly recommend it to a large range of bowlers.


Manager at Bowlersmart Cherry Valley/Brunswick Regional Staff

Andrew Jensen


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