Summer Sport Shot League at The Cherry Bowl

This summer at the Cherry Bowl 7171 Cherryvale N Blvd Rockford, IL 61112, we will have the Summer Sport Shot League back for it’s 11th season.

The BowlersMart Pro Shop and Cherry Bowl will be presenting a new and improved Sport Shot League with a few changes. For starters the League will host one pattern instead of 3 like the past. This change was made to allow more time to focus on what can be improved in each bowlers game. Whether it is with lane placement, bowling ball equipment, physical game or as simple as your fit of your bowling ball.  This change was meant to truly focus on helping you, The Bowler.


This year the pattern will be the 2016 Singles and Doubles pattern from the USBC Open Championships. Keep in mind Andrew Jensen has worked 2 out of the last 6 years in one of the Pro Shops  at the “Open.” In the additions to the league Andrew Jensen, “AJ”, will be awarding a 1 hour private lesson to one person each week on a pattern of there choosing. It can be on house, sport or whatever pattern is out there you feel you need the most help improving in.

In addition to some of the changes to the Sport league we will be bowling a best  2 out of 3 match play type format. Where you will be awarded 5 points for each game and 15 points for series for a total of 30 points against your opponent for the week. You will remain on your lanes. You WILL NOT move. This is so there isn’t a delay awaiting another pair of lanes. This will also give you a better understanding of how the lanes will break down during more usage.

Finally on the last week, week 13. The bowlers that have managed to finish in the top 6 will bowl a step ladder finals while the rest of the league bowls the last position round for final placement.

The league meeting will be on the 5th of May.  Then the following week we will start on May 12th @ 7 p.m. Cost will be $20 per week ($11 prize, $9 bowling). The Cherry Bowl will be offering .50 cent games throughout the week for practice on the pattern. You can call ahead or ask for times available. We look forward to seeing everyone this summer at the Cherry Bowl.


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