Practice sessions for the 2017 USBC Open Championships in Las Vegas

2017OClogo465x262As I get older, I realize, more and more, how important it is to work as a team, when you head to bowl the Open Championships. This year is nothing short of just that same thing again. We as a team have to not only work together to break the lanes down. But also need to be there mentally, so that we are able to pick each other up when we haven’t performed at our best, for a shot or two. We also need to be able to see what each other is doing with each others game. Enough to be able to know when it may be time to move on the lane and or even switch balls.

As we start to get ready for our 3 hours on the lanes for team. Which is now about two months out and counting until we bowl, on July 2nd for team and 3rd for singles and doubles. We as a team are starting to make the efforts to gather when we can, to practice together on some previous USBC patterns. It seems only fitting we try to match our pattern ideas to things of the past from the USBC’s.

Here in this hour long Live Facebook session on Bowlersmart Cherry Valley Pro Shop Inside of Cherry Bowl Facebook page, Kimberly McGriff (my Fiance) and I are practicing on the 2010 USBC singles and doubles pattern for that year. We are both trying to play them straighter outside, around the 4-7 board at the arrows. I (Andrew Jensen) thought that with what we have seen thus far on some of the USBC’s Facebook posts, that this was pretty close to what we are going to see. Even if not it will be great practice with my teammates and or myself to get better with my shot making abilities.

Kim, in the video, seemed to have the most success with her Purple Hammer Urethane while I feel I was and will be able to use a weaker drilled Track Mako (stack drill with pin above fingers), Hammer Rhodman (pin is 2 3/4 from my PAP) and Gamebreaker 2 Phenom Pearl (stack drill straight up with pin above between fingers) combo. Since there is some time before we go. I am sure some of our ball selections and parts of the lane we play will be looked at closer and possibly changed. I believe this is another reason as to why teams that can practice some together will be able to attack the lanes with great positive influence and a fair amount of success.

Sure individuals may excel and bowl better than some but as a team together you can win championships. Our team will consist of Kimberly McGriff, Stephen Hillary, Doug Byerley, Dave Buzzo and myself. We will do the best we can to practice up until our July showing arrives, so that we can hone in on any ball selections needed.

I do hope this was helpful and we are looking forward to doing more of these videos in the future.

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