Mission Unknown ” The Golden Ticket!!!”

Those of us that were able to throw the Mission series in the past, thus far have had the chance to see just how good these balls roll. With the new release of the Mission Unknown and it’s mysterious knowledge of what ball you will open up gives us the feeling like we are a part of the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory.

First comes the purchase, then the opening of the box to unveil if you were the luckiest of all to get the VERY RARE Gold Mission Unknown. Or even able to get the other rare Red Mission Unknown and or the more common black Mission Unknown. Any way you cut it you will in fact have a great addition to your bag.

In my opinion the black Mission Unknown is really clean  through the front of the lane in the beginning of the night and as the night goes on it is still clean through the fronts but will corner and drive through the pocket as you move deeper throughout the night. The more the middle of the lane goes away the better the response becomes from this beast of a ball!

The question is, will you have the target in range and be on a Mission?

This ball is due out on September 20th. Stop by your local BowlersMart Pro Shop to purchase yours today!

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