Mastermind Brainiac Due To Release December 1st

I have to say I am really impressed with the newest addition to the Mastermind’s!

The new Brainiac is going to be in my bag for a really long time. I am shocked how much this new release in Brunswick’s High Performance line flat out hooks down lane. I’ve seen the #Flip at the end of peoples posts on Facebook and until you see it first hand you won’t believe it.

The Mastermind Brainiac is about 3-4 boards straighter then the Mastermind Scholar and A LOT more motion down lane! I was hitting the 8 pin on the left side as it drove through the pocket. Unbelievable!

I saw how long it was in the videos and because my rev rate and speed are a little higher. I drilled mine stronger and put a little surface on the ball. I drilled mine with the Dual Angle at 40 X 4 1/2 X 70 and knocked the surface off by putting the Brainiac in the resurface for 3 minutes on the 2000 pads. What I got out of that was a tad bit quicker read through the fronts with the drill and surface. Then the ball had mad reaction off the spot down lane.

Last night I shot 912 for 4 games. I was able to play the lane straighter around second arrow in the beginning and then move in later around the 4th arrow. Let me tell you there were times I threw it wide and the reaction down lane was rather sick!

For those of you that throw other companies for reasons of hook down lane. This is your opportunity to give Brunswick a chance! You won’t be disappointed.

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