Lucy Sandelin Shoots 825 With Ebonite Gamebreaker

Us at BowlersMart Tampa wanted to say congrats to Lucy who has been on a hot streak lately!
From Lucy – “What a night! Shot a 300 game and 825 series tonight at Royal Lanes with an Ebonite Game Breaker. The roll on this ball was amazing. I made a change in my pitches to help me clear the ball more cleaner and I think I like it. Thanks to Dave Olm and Bill Wittie for the CLT setup. Thanks to Ebonite International for opening the entire product line to the Columbia 300 Ambassadors. Continue to love my Turbo Switch Grips and did use my brand spanking new Turbo Bulldog wrist support tonight. Thanks Carolyn Dorin Ballard. ‪#‎TeamC300‬ ‪#‎TeamEBI‬, ‪#‎Turbo‬, ‪#‎High5Gear‬”

Dave Olm

Dave Olm

Store Manager at BowlersMart Tampa
Dave has a 40 plus years in the bowling business and has drilled thousands of balls in his life. With experience in several different levels of bowling, Dave has seen it all in bowling from just starting out to the top level of competition.
Dave Olm
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