BowlersMart Jacksonville Pro Shop Inside Batt Family Fun Center

Welcome to BowlersMart Jacksonville inside Batt Family Fun Center. Our full service bowling pro shop in Jacksonville, FL offers a large selection of bowling balls, bowling bags, bowling shoes and more.

Mike Cousins – Store Manager at BowlersMart Jacksonville Pro Shop

Michael is a passionate, dedicated shop operator with years of bowling experience. As a bowler, Michael has had a great deal of success, but his greatest pleasure in bowling comes from helping others. Growing up in an area that lacked adequate coaching, Michael ventured off and honed his craft, working with some of the most respected minds in all of bowling. Now, years later, Michael does everything he can to give back to the sport that gave him so much.


BowlersMart Jacksonville Pro Shop Reviews & Testimonials

I was impressed with the knowledge and helpfulness of the pro. I will be ordering more from the shop as my game improves.

Mike and Nick do wonderful work. Great time and atmosphere. .