Pro Shop Services

BowlersMart Clearwater Pro Shop Services

Bowling Ball Fitting – All of our shops have experts who can deliver a top quality fit for your new bowling ball that is second to none.

Bowling Ball Drilling Service – All of our shops use state of the art milling machines that can deliver accuracy to within a one one thousand of an inch and can also oval thumb and finger holes for an exact fit on your bowling ball.

Bowling Ball Oil Removal – Oil Removal – Orlando has the Detox from Jayhawk. The Detox is the newest, safest and best tool for removing oil from deep in the surface of the Bowling Ball. It uses warm water (not Hot), a mild cleaning agent and Patent Pending Ultra-Sonic Transducers to quickly remove lane oil that has soaked deep into the pores of bowling balls. The UltraSonic transducers create millions of microscopic high energy bubbles that reach deep inside the surface of the ball to release the oil trapped in the cover stock.

Bowling Ball Resurfacing – We use the same machine used in the factory to finish the bowling balls. This resurfacing machine provides equal pressure on all sides of your bowling ball providing an even resurface on your ball bringing it back to a like new surface.

BowlersMart Gift Cards – Give the gift that the bowler in your family will love! Or if you have been bowling regularly with friends get them a gift card so they can get exactly what they want. You can get a gift card in any amount from $20 – $500

Coaching – Schedule a lesson with USBC Hall of Famer John Gaines. John works with all levels of bowlers from beginners to top level professionals.

Other services offered:
*Custom Thumb Molds
*Plugging and refitting
*Install interchangeable thumb devices from VISE and Turbo
*Clean, Polish and Sand equipment to fine tune your desired reaction
*Bowling Arsenal Evaluation – Have our professionals help you create a bag of equipment to cover any lane condition.