Heat X-Treme Ball Video Is Lights Out!

If you have ever tried to put together a ball video. You know they are very time consuming to do in the beginning stages of doing them. I was lucky enough to have some time with local bowler, Nick Sommer, for some on the lanes time to do just that. A ball video for the new Track Heat X-treme. Nick has had some wonderful accomplishments locally. Along many of the great things he has had he has found some time to do some ball videos with #TeamHookShim. Whether you know the reason for the name or not it is a great way to show off some of the latest releases. Here is the video. I hope you enjoy.

It was fun taking some time to throw one of the latest releases from Track. In fact I joked with Nick during some of the video about shooting 900 during the video. I think out of about 100 plus shots we were thinking I had only not struck about 5 times. It is truly crazy how good this ball is.

I’d like to thank Nick for taking the time to help put this video together.

We will be doing more of these videos in the future and look forward to giving you yet another look at what the new releases are capable of.

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