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High School bowling is approaching and all of the Fall leagues have been going for a a few weeks now. It never hurts to have a fresh pair of eyes to see what’s going on in your game.

For the months of October and November our free half hour lesson with purchase of a new ball is back again!  Coach Richard Shockley will be giving a half an hour of his services on the lanes to you, for FREE (Value of almost $35 dollars), when you purchase a new ball at the BowlersMart Cherry Valley Pro Shop Inside The Cherry Bowl.

For those of you that haven’t had the opportunity to meet Coach Shockley. Here is a great chance to meet and great a wonderful man that’s here to help you improve your game.


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    I would like to take adavantage ( if still avail ) of the $35.00 value and have Richard Shockley observe my bowling style prior to purchasing a new ball. I just turned 65 and currently my Ebonite ball is approx 20years old. Might even need to go to a 1lb ball vs my 16 lb prior to drilling it out.

    My email is

    Cell is 608.347.6992

    Mark Pawluk , thanks much – mark

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