Bowl Like A Machine!

The New Track Cyborg is an amazing addition to the current balls in the Track line. For me The Cyborg fits very well behind the Paradox. Once the pardon has reached a point where it is hooking to much down lane and or also burning up to early in the heads. You can easily take out the Cyborg and destroy the pocket as you start to make the moves in on the lane.

Take a look at this new video with Dom Barrett:

The Cyborg is a great ball to start with and finish with in league as well. If you have more speed and less hand this ball will roll great for you. If you have a Legion solid and want a little more ball than this will be the ball for you. In my opinion this ball will fit well with a lot of different varieties of bowlers. This one is available at your local BowlersMart Pro Shop already! Stop in and see how it will fit your game so that you also can, “Bowl… like a Machine!”

Andrew Jensen
Track Regional Staff
Turbo Regional Staff

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