Practice sessions for the 2017 USBC Open Championships in Las Vegas

As I get older, I realize, more and more, how important it is to work as a team, when you head to bowl the Open Championships. This year is nothing short of just that same thing again. We as a team have to not only work together to break the lanes down. But also need to be there mentally, so that we are able to pick each other up when we haven’t performed at our best, for a shot or two. We also need to be able to see what each other is doing with each others game. Enough to ... Read more

Black Friday Deals For BowlersMart

We are starting to add some of our Black Friday 2016 deals to the website. If you shop at any of our stores or online you can take advantage of these great deals. These deals are available online only BUT if you purchase a ball from our Black Friday deals and take it to a local BowlersMart location with your receipt from the website we will offer 1/2 drilling (a $25 savings) Click the banner below to sign up for our Black Friday deal emails and check out what we have available. These are limited quantities so sign up now!

Higher Learning through USBC Coaching Certification

  As many people know I am very passionate about any and everything bowling. This weekend I was fortunate to attend the USBC certification class alongside 8 other bronze coaches. I’m looking forward to passing along everything I have learned this weekend through the silver course itself and sooooo much information that was exchanged in conversation with all the other bronze coaches. I just wanted to thank all the future silver coaches and Richard Shockley our gold coach and my mentor for teaching this course! I’m also extremely thankful for my family and their consistent support in helping me ... Read more

What I learned about myself

  So this morning I was lucky enough to wake up and be able to bowl the TopDawg Tournament run by levis nelson(Who does an amazing job). The morning started as any other I woke up early, drove an hour or so to bowl where I grew up as I like to do every month when money and time allows. I was lucky to bowl with a few folks I know which is normal b/c I know everyone. We were competing on the 2015 USBC Open championship doubles pattern I believe, which if you have bowled on this you know ... Read more

BowlersMart, The Cherry Bowl and Ebonite International Demo/Cherry Valley Handicap Classic Tounament

On October 9th BowlersMart, Ebonite International and The Cherry Bowl will be hosting a side by side event. With an Ebonite International Demo of the latest Track, Columbia 300, Ebonite and Hammer bowling balls listed here on this flyer. Frankie Jacobson who is the Ebonite International Demo representative, Andrew Jensen Manager of BowlersMart Cherry Valley Inside of the Cherry Bowl, Gold Level coach Richard Shockley and part timers Will Schnack and Alex Burchard  will be on hand to help you try any of the latest balls  from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. We will also be running a special with ... Read more