Absolutely Ridiculous!!!!


I have seen a lot of medium oil bowling balls. This one lives up to it’s name. It is Absolutely Ridiculous!!! It will be great for those Centers that have an “Over Under, Black and White or so called Cliffed” look on the lanes. Out of the box it will be great for Medium to Medium-Light oil conditions. It will get through the front of the lane a lot cleaner when there is a bit more oil up front. I wouldn’t be afraid to hit the Ridiculous with a new 4000 pad or an older 2000 pad if you do have a little more oil up front on your house shot or even have a little more speed behind your swing.

Here is a short video of Radicals Ridiculous bowling ball going down the lane. The lane had not been oiled since the night before and had a few bowlers on the lane throwing it straighter.

Wow does the Ridiculous ball hit the pins hard!!

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