A Few Honor Scores and Achievements!

The past couple months have flown by. Where exactly has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday the Girls and Boys High School bowling was starting and yet here we are at the end of both State finals.

We here at BowlersMart Cherry Valley Inside of the Cherry Bowl would like to take a moment to congratulate some of our customers for there latest achievements.


Trevor Smith-

First we would like to give a HUGE shout out to Trevor Smith (left handed). During the boys Regional at Glo Bowl in Marengo IL, Trevor shot his first 300 with his new IQ 30, in game three just before the lunch break. He then would come back from lunch and shoot his second 300! Back to back 300’s, who would have thought? Amazing job sir! From the looks of the video taken. Hank, your Sycamore High School bowling coach,  must have been proud. I know we all were. I’m sure you’ll have many, many more of them in your future.

Brynn Lambrecht-

Next we would like to congratulate Brynn Lambrecht (left handed) for shooting her first 300 with her new Storm Lock at the Guilford Snow Angel Tournament. Brynn bowls for Belvidere North and has a bright future ahead. This girls team is going to be strong in the years to come with the great talent they have on board and in the near future. It has been amazing to see you grow and become even better in the last few months.

Brandon Burrows-

We would next like to congratulate Brandon Burrows for shooting 299 back in January with his new Brunswick Nirvana! It was fun to see you strike so much. I’m sure you will have that 300 when you least expect it! The shirt you got came from Ron Bragg

Lonn Brander-

Up next we would like to congratulate Lonn Brander (right handed) for shooting his first 300 out of the box with his new Storm Lock. After talking to Lonn he told me he at one time had the front 18 strikes. That is truly amazing and we are happy for your accomplishment! Way to go sir!

Drew Richter-

Now on to a Mr. Drew Richter (right handed) and his ongoing strikes since purchasing his new Brunswick Nirvana. Drew has put together several 700’s. Even putting a front ten and 280+ game. But just recently Drew bowled the local Rockford City Tournament and had a 299! Man, so close. I can only hope to see you throw a 300 in person Drew!  It has been nice getting to know you my friend. Keep up the good work! You know golf is just around the corner.

Ashley Platt-

Onto another Belvidere North girl, Ashley Platt who is right handed. She was able to shoot her first 300 with her Brunswick LT 48 at Sectionals and as a team place 1st. Which moved them onto the IHSA State Finals! She wouldn’t stop there. Ashley would shoot yet another 300 with her Optimus solid during the NIC-16. Way to go girl! We are so proud of your accomplishments this year.

Paige Setchell-

Last but certainly not least, Paige Setchell (left handed). Paige is a senior at Amboy High School. She and her parents have been coming to see Richard Shockley along side her main coach Daniel Peacock. Over the past few months, we together, have seen a very talented girl just waiting to bust out at any moment. We were able to take a look at her game and add a couple of bowling balls into her arsenal. The first one was the Brunswick Einstein which was very helpful but the biggest help for equipment came when we got her into a Brunswick Nirvana. Over the past few weeks the girl we knew she could be was sprouting in front of us. Paige would make it to sectionals and then move on to State as an individual. As the first day of State would finish up. Paige would tie with another girl where she would need to have a two frame roll off in order to move onto the next day. Paige would do what was needed to move on to that next day. Daniel would soon after, tell us that they accomplished the goals they wanted and were hoping for a couple more. As the final day would go on, Paige would soon shoot her first 700 series of the day before break and put herself into contention to finish in the top 12. The break would end and she would start her final 3 games of her senior year. I feel we saw her grow as the bowler we all knew she could be in those last three games. Paige would go onto shooting another 700 and finish in 9th place over all.  We are beyond proud of her and wish her the best moving forward! Way to go Paige!!!

Last but not least:

Kimberly McGriff

Kim has been recovering from knee surgery and even though she has had her fair share of downs. We have even changed her span and pitches in all of her usable equipment. Through all of that she has been able to battle back to where she once was with throwing a 300 at Forest Hills during the Monday Scratch league. I believe she was using the very first ball I bought her, the Storm IQ Fusion. I am very proud of her accomplishments. It may be slow going for your standards but we all know that you will be back in the FULL form we are ALL used to seeing.

Also there were a few others who’ve had honor scores:

Jerome Woodfork (right handed) who had a 300 with his SE Nighthawk. Which was one of the first balls we drilled out of the shop. Way to go Rome!

Doug Byerley (right handed) who has had multiple 800’s and 300’s with an array of bowling balls. Including a Motiv Acsent , DV8 Thug Unruly and a Storm Rocket that  continues to give him 300/800’s. Including a set with 2-300’s and an 850+ series the first real set out with the ball! Way to go Doug!!

Will Schnack (right handed) who is our part timer here in the shop shot 268, 279 and a 278 for an 825 with his new Hammer Dark Legend! Way to go Will!!!


Andrew Jensen

Bowlersmart Cherry Bowl Manager

Brunswick Regional Staff

Turbo Regional Staff

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