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Turbo 2 N 1 Time Capsule

Today’s day and age has a lot to offer when it comes to bowling balls. Not only do the balls hook more than they used to in the late 70’s, […]

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Coach Shockley’s September News

Words from Coach Richard Shockley, “Congratulations to my very special student Joslyn Cnota for shooting her highest game ever this past Monday here at the Cherry Bowl in Rockford. ¬†Joslyn […]

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The New Radical Guru Supreme/Ridiculous! WOW!!!!

Radical has a couple new releases being revealed today. One of which is the new Ridiculous with an all new symmetrical core design matched with a cover that allows for […]

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September Lesson Specials!

Coach Richard Shockley has done some really special things in his career as a Coach. Who would have thought that it would lead him to one of the biggest bowling […]

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Brunswick Nirvana WWRD September 22nd

Only a few more days left till the most anticipated ball in Brunswick history is released. Have you pre ordered yours yet? After September 22nd you’ll be wishing you had. […]

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